When you are choosing your wedding photographer it is very important that you click with them! Find out how I work and how I bring my experience to your wedding.

I represent my brand

My business is based on developing my creative eye through the lens. It makes me take more notice of things that are important to me. I bring myself to my brand and all that I do.

I value my time and my talent

I respect my time, my talent, all my previous learning and development. My pricing reflects that.

I adapt

I have a compelling picture in my mind of what I’d like to create in a photograph, but can adapt for to suit the client and the landscape and environment for a successful outcome. I sense when clients need guiding.

I shoot wisely

I shoot to tell a story. I press the shutter when I am moved by what I see. This can be a curated moment, or a quick fire snap based on quick instinct. I love small details.

I come up with all that I am

I bring my art, my instincts, determination, , professionalism and passion to my clients. My duty is to deliver not only what you want, but also what you don’t even know what you want.

Emotion vendor

I make sure I shoot for, capture, and deliver emotion. I also sell the experience - my photographs are a reminder of the experience that created them.